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The New Poll Tax

29th June 2012

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 First there was the “death tax;” now with the Supreme Court’s rationale for Obamacare, the United States has a “birth tax.” Under the law, simply by being born, American citizens are saddled with a tax burden if they are not covered by a health insurance plan. They don’t have to possess anything; they don’t have to do anything; they simply have to be.

This is an unprecedented level of government power. Progressives may point to Social Security as a tax on existence. However, that tax is not collected unless a person engages in some sort of economic transaction such as earning wages. Paying a tax for NOT enrolling in a health insurance plan is a de facto tax on a person’s automatic biological processes. Instead of deducting Social Security from earnings, every heartbeat, regardless of one’s economic activity, will have a calculable monetary value.

The party of Bull Conner returns to its roots.

Once the government is responsible for your health care, your ‘health’ decisions are properly the business of the government. There is no aspect of your life that is now free of second-guessing by some bureaucrat.

Have a good day. Big Brother is watching.

One Response to “The New Poll Tax”

  1. Dennis Nagle Says:

    “the United States has a “birth tax.” What utter nonsense.

    Irrespective of whether you work or not you WILL, at some point, require medical treatment; such medical treatment costs somebody.
    If you are unable to pay, then everyone else in the nation picks up the tab–as is already happening.

    In other words, you create a financial impact simply by the fact that you are alive. So if you can’t demonstrate that you can absorb the impact on your own (i.e., have medical insurance), then a tax to help defray the affect of the impact on everyone else is justified.

    Or such was the reasoning put forth by the Uber-hypocrite Romney when he introduced this system in Massechusetts.
    If the reasoning was sound then, what has changed to make it unsound now?