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What to Do With CO2 from Coal? How about Make Baking Soda?

29th June 2012

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Skyonic lands funding to build a commercial-scale facility that takes flue gases and converts them into commodity chemicals.

No, thanks, we’d rather pass government regulations that make it impossible to burn coal.

Thank you for playing. NEXT!

3 Responses to “What to Do With CO2 from Coal? How about Make Baking Soda?”

  1. Dennis Nagle Says:

    Wait…hasn’t the power industry repeated innummerable times that it’s way to expensive and way too impractical to do anything about the exhaust from their coal-fired plants?

    So obviously this will never work, because we all know that the power companies are self-effacing public servants and are too technically sophisticated and savvy not to be on top of this situation. Any attempt to capture anything from their flues is foredoomed to failure. Just ask them.

  2. RealRick Says:

    It is both ridiculously expensive and completely unnecessary.

    GHG regulations are all about control and money (specifically extracting it from the consumer). The Progressives want coal killed off because there simply isn’t enough room in that business for the level of bribery and corruption that we are seeing in the gov’t-backed solar industry.

  3. Dennis Nagle Says:

    Coal is a ‘mature’ industry, meaning most of the bribes and corruption were sucked out of it decades ago.
    Which doesn’t keep the mining companies from continuing to try to buy Congress…after all, there are still a few mountains left in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky that haven’t had their tops blown off and scattered into the surrounding rivers and valleys yet. Wouldn’t want to leave the job unfinished.