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Islamic Slavery Is Alive and Well in Bosnia

31st May 2012

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A pointed reminder that Islam has absolutely no problem at all with slavery; Saudi Arabia didn’t abolish slavery until 1962, and it’s still a flourishing practice (in effect, if not formally) in Sudan and other Islamic states.

One Response to “Islamic Slavery Is Alive and Well in Bosnia”

  1. ErisGuy Says:

    Most EUropean intellectuals defended slavery throughout the 20th century, slavery of the Nazi or Communist slave labor camp variety*. Slavery wasn’t abolished in, for example, Russia and East Germany until 1991, when the USSR collapsed. If Saudi Arabia abolished slavery in 1962, that would be a generation ahead of the wise EUropeans.

    * I’ve had people tell me this wasn’t “real” slavery because the government did it under law, persumably in contrast to personal slavery in their delusional world.