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Microsoft Forbids Class Actions in New Windows Licence

29th May 2012

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Microsoft will make it harder for customers to club together with lawyers to file lawsuits against its products.

The company is rolling out new End User License Agreements (EULAs) that forbid punters from joining class-action proceedings.

Assistant general counsel Tim Fielden announced the tweak here and said the changes will come into effect as Microsoft releases major hardware or software updates.

The first big product to include the altered licence will be Windows 8: a release candidate is expected in June before it ships for PCs and tablets in late summer or the autumn.

I am reminded of the Dilbert cartoon arc in which Dilbert winds up condemned to be Bill Gates’ towel boy by opening a package of Windows software.

Of course, anybody who’s unhappy with this can always buy and use a Macintosh….

One Response to “Microsoft Forbids Class Actions in New Windows Licence”

  1. Dennis Nagle Says:

    Oh, but Microsoft is the Poster Child for rags-to-riches success, isn’t it? How can anything it does ever be wrong?