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UK: Pupils Failing to Study British History at School

27th April 2012

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Lessons in history are being increasingly undermined by an “incoherent, fragmented and repetitive” curriculum that leaves most children feeling “bored”, it was claimed.

My, what a surprise. Aren’t you surprised? I’m sure surprised.

The subject is also being distorted by a poor-quality exams system, which places an excessive emphasis on broad enquiry skills over core knowledge, researchers said.

After all, one must be hip, and trendy.

In a damning conclusion, experts claimed that English schools were more likely to downplay their own country’s history than those in any other European nation.

And let’s not even get started talking about the history of nations whose main contribution to world history is genocide and oppression, like the Muslim world.

One Response to “UK: Pupils Failing to Study British History at School”

  1. Cathy Sims Says:

    The list of 37 moments is nice, but it’s unfortunate that they confused Richard II and Richard III in their list of people for 1485.