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Navy Test-Fires First Working Prototype Railgun

29th February 2012

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For one, because the gun and the storage of its projectiles (which are not incendiary, and weigh about 40 pounds each — smaller and less expensive than today’s missiles) ultimately will take up less space than traditional weapons systems.

In addition, rather than relying on chemical propellants like gunpowder, the railgun uses an electromagnetic pulse to create strong magnetic fields that propel the conductive bullet on a sliding metal sled and out of the barrel — at 4,500 to 5,000 miles per hour and as far as 100 nautical miles away in about 5 minutes, with possible future expansion to 220 miles, according to ONR.

One Response to “Navy Test-Fires First Working Prototype Railgun”

  1. RealRick Says:

    It’s a really cool idea, but I wonder why it’s being touted so publicly? Maybe to try to suck up more of the shrinking Pentagon budget?

    Also, wouldn’t the EMF from such a weapon make it very easy to identify (and then destroy) the point of origin?

    You’d need a big power plant to supply the energy, so that would probably mean a company like GE would get some fat contracts. Oh, wait, doesn’t GE’s CEO work for Obama? How convenient.

    But then I’m just old and jaded…….