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The Decline and Fall of Parental Authority

27th February 2012

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American parents now face social circumstances that undermine the foundations of parental authority, leading them to challenge the context of childrearing.

No wonder nobody is having kids in the First World these days. Who wants all that hassle?

One Response to “The Decline and Fall of Parental Authority”

  1. Cathy Sims Says:

    And let’s not forget the hordes of experts ready and willing to advise kids of their “rights” and to help them demand said rights at any and all times. I know someone who was hauled into truancy court because his high school age daughter had stopped going to school. This was after her “guidance counselor” had told her that she could have herself declared an emancipated minor, move out on her own, and not have to obey her parents. He brought this up to the judge when he was asked why he had failed to make sure that his daughter was attending school. The judge still fined him a nominal amount, but the father did not have to go to parenting class.