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Hamas Honcho Under Fire From Salafists for Shaking Hands With Shi’ite

27th February 2012

Read it.

“The Salafi Call” asks: “What is the difference between Jews, Hezbollah and Iran when they are all gathered in going against God’s word and wish to break down Islam?” That remark only underscores the fact that the greatest insults in the Arab world have involved placing one’s opponent (including Gadhafi and Mubarak) in league with the Jews, and depends on Islamic antisemitism and the Qur’an’s pronouncement of the Jewish people as “strongest in enmity” to Muslims (5:82).

One of the most telling giveaways exposing the ‘Islam is a religion of peace’ myth is how Muslims cheerfully manufacture internal enemies when there aren’t any Jews or Americans around to murder.

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