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UK: Cancer Patient Died Alone After Hospital Sent Him to Hotel

27th February 2012

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University College London Hospital sent Ian Curtis, 39, to the four star Radisson Edwardian Grafton Hotel after he began a second round of intensive chemotherapy. He was just two days into the treatment when he died, a coroner’s inquest heard.

The hotel was just 200 yards from the hospital, which said it rents rooms for patients as a measure for “using NHS resources efficiently when patients do not need to be in hospital”.

The inquest heard that it was “cheaper” to send patients to the hotel than to use hospital beds, but the hospital denied it was trying to save money.

The inquest heard that the hospital stopped installing panic alarms in rooms at the hotel because patients did not use them and said that patients could use telephones in the room if they needed care.

Mr Curtis, however, was overwhelmed by a sudden “catastrophic infection” that prevented him from calling for help.

Gotta love that government-provided health care.

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