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An Unequal and Opposite Reaction

27th February 2012

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As mentioned here a few days ago, a new “grooming and pimping” trial is currently underway at Liverpool Crown Court.

This is one of the largest cases of its kind ever to come to trial. The total number of defendants in the case is said to be 47, eleven of whom are currently on trial. The behavior of the alleged perpetrators was so heinous and brutal, and the victims of rape and trafficking so young, that the trial looks to be a national sensation in Britain over the next few weeks or months.

What may transform the case from a sensation into the cause of mass unrest is the fact that the perpetrators were all Muslims of Pakistani descent, and their victims were all white girls, some of them as young as thirteen.

My, what a surprise. Aren’t you surprised? I’m sure surprised.


One Response to “An Unequal and Opposite Reaction”

  1. Roger Pearse Says:

    Be serious: there will be no scandal, as the ethnicities involved are going unreported. No doubt this is accidental.