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Big Labor’s Democratic Convention

25th February 2012

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Local businessmen in the least-unionized state in the country are worried that organizers of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., are putting the Democratic Party’s alliance with organized labor ahead of local businesses—as well as state law.

They wouldn’t do that — would they?

“You’re looking at a city that has virtually no unions, so even if one contract is awarded and union labor is brought in from the outside it is going cause concern to area employers,” he said. “They will be extremely upset if outside union labor is brought in above local non-union labor.”

They wouldn’t do that — would they?

“Look, it is their prerogative to use union help,” he said. “In fact, they would be foolish not to scratch the back that scratches theirs, but it’s the lies and secrecy and the shroud of silence that really concerns me, saying they’re going to use local labor and then bringing in these outside firms.”

They wouldn’t do that — would they?

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