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Why Bank of America Sucks

31st January 2012

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Absolutely all of the businesses along Market Street allowed such access during Saturday’s parade welcoming home our U.S. military, well, all except the Bank of America Plaza. Bank of America was so adamant about denying access to their precious “patio”, as one security guard described it as he repeatedly told me to leave, that they made sure these large barricades were in place before many arrived.

But wait, there’s more.

At least 160 active members of the U.S. military had their homes “illegally foreclosed upon” by the Bank of America, according to the Justice Department.

Well, they only got $45 million in the Great Obama Bank Bail-Out, so maybe they’re feeling unappreciated.

One Response to “Why Bank of America Sucks”

  1. RealRick Says:

    Last time I flew across the country, the TSA agent that was groping me (I get stopped at EVERY security point) looked through my wallet and asked me about a bank card. I asked, “Why do you want to know?” He replied, “‘Cause I’m using Bank of America and they really, really suck, so I’m looking for new bank.”

    When TSA can figure out that you suck, …….