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What’s YOUR Bubble Score?

28th January 2012

Check it out.

I got an 8.

7 Responses to “What’s YOUR Bubble Score?”

  1. Roy Heath Says:

    Really? I thought that you had a higher score than that just from your childhood and Navy background.

  2. Dennis Nagle Says:

    I got an 11.

  3. Dennis Nagle Says:

    Whatever Tim’s childhood and/or Navy background (and I shared much, though not all, of it), many of the questions concern things you have done in the past year. That in itself negates much experience. For instance, I doubt very much if Tim has ever watched Oprah, or participated in a parade of any kind, and I know he doesn’t drink beer, much less Budweiser.

    There are many areas of Mainstream American Culture that it is not only okay not to be immersed in, but downright preferable not to be a part of. Budweiser being an iconic example.

  4. Cathy Sims Says:

    I came up with 8, too. Maybe we should get married, Tim!

  5. RealRick Says:

    Scary, but I also scored 11.

  6. Dennis Nagle Says:

    No, I’m not going to marry you.

  7. Sis Says:

    I also scored 11, and I’m not going to marry Dennis, either.