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Why Marriage Eludes the Modern Woman

28th December 2011

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The second reason women struggle with marriage — which is part and parcel of the first — is they’ve been taught that the world revolves (or should revolve) around them. This attitude is a bona fide deal breaker. So much about marriage requires putting oneself last, or being quiet rather than demanding, or taking the higher road and not having to have one’s way all the time. Simply put, married life presupposes a maturity modern women don’t have.

Tell a man he’s dispensable, and he’ll quickly prove you right.

One Response to “Why Marriage Eludes the Modern Woman”

  1. Dennis Nagle Says:

    If only they were all Christian and would follow the admonition to be subject to their husbands… Come to think of it, maybe the Muslims have it right in that regard.
    Now get in the kitchen, woman, and make me a pie.