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Why Are So Many Terrorists Engineers?

29th November 2011

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They say they believe in freedom and share our values. They say a few bad apples shouldn’t bring down judgment on their entire kind. Don’t be fooled. Though they walk among us with impunity, they are, in the words of Henry Farrell, a political scientist at George Washington University, “a group that is notoriously associated with terrorist violence and fundamentalist political beliefs.”

They are engineers.

Yet another politically unfashionable group to worry about. Note that the guy raising the alarm is not an engineer.

Actually, this isn’t hard to figure out: Engineers are just as permeated by their cultures as anybody else; unlike Queer Studies majors, though, they actually build stuff that works.

One Response to “Why Are So Many Terrorists Engineers?”

  1. RealRick Says:

    One has to define a “terrorist”. Lawyers cause far more damage than say a suicide bomber, but the vast majority of lawyers are completely incompetent when it comes to actually manufacturing something as complex as a bomb. (Engineering/science readers will of course understand that most bombs are remarkably simple, but mechanical aptitude is not gained during the soul removal process that produces a lawyer.)

    It’s probably a safe bet that lawyers outnumber inmates at Guantanamo.