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‘Shoot Me Last’ Is Not a Viable Health-Care Business Strategy

28th November 2011

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Lobbying Congress to shift cuts to your competitors is no longer a viable option when IPAB will cap Medicare spending at GDP+1 (or, in the case of President Obama’s latest proposal, GDP+.5), and the cuts have to fall annually. Providers’ only solution is to stop seeing Medicare patients entirely, or to treat them as widgets and pump them into and out of the system as fast as you can — hardly a recipe for quality health care. The only real alternative is to embrace something like Chairman Ryan’s proposal for a defined-contribution structure for Medicare, and for the health-care sector as a whole (via tax reform).

One Response to “‘Shoot Me Last’ Is Not a Viable Health-Care Business Strategy”

  1. Dennis Nagle Says:

    The true problem, which has never been addressed, is not the cost of healthcare insurance or healthcare reimbursement.
    The problem is and has always been the cost of healthcare per se.

    Untll we get serious about addressing the cost of getting sick–via the market, preferably, by reducing demand for medical facilities/personnel/procedures (not likely) or increasing the supply of same (possible but tricky)–we will be revisiting this issue again and again, in ever-shortening cycles.