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Why Clinton’s Biography Is Worse Than Bush’s: He Wrote It Himself

28th November 2011

Steve Sailer is shooting some post-Turkey-Day fish in a barrel.

On p. 6 of Back to Work, I tripped over a sentence of 85 words. Alerted, I began to keep track of Clinton’s XXXL-sized sentences. By page 20, I had found additional leviathans of 91, 105, 110, 98, 118, and a round 200 words. I decided to give up counting. But, then, on pp. 23-24, Clinton lets loose with a blue whale of a sentence comprising 346 words.

Cicero did that all the time — but then, he wrote in Latin; it’s doubtful Clinton could distinguish Latin from latte.

In the past, the Clintons have been notorious for not acknowledging their ghostwriters. For example, Simon & Schuster paid Barbara Feinman $120,000 to write It Takes a Village for Hillary Clinton, but the First Lady refused to mention Feinman’s name.

Shucks, I’d have done it for half of that.


One Response to “Why Clinton’s Biography Is Worse Than Bush’s: He Wrote It Himself”

  1. RealRick Says:

    Clinton never knew when to stop.