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Gigantic Baby ‘Jihad’ Born in Berlin

28th November 2011

Read it.

The 6-kilogramme (13-pound) boy was born at Berlin’s Charité hospital to a 40-year-old, 240-kilogramme (528-pound) woman who also had gestational diabetes and most likely a metabolic disorder, according to doctors.

Women suffering from untreated gestational diabetes – when a pregnant woman who doesn’t previously suffer from diabetes has excessively high blood sugar – tend to produce particularly overweight babies.

Presumably they considered — and rejected — a more traditional European name, like ‘Pogrom’ or ‘Holocaust’.

The boy will join nine brothers and four sisters – four of which had birth weights of more than five kilograms.

And doesn’t that bode well for the future. They could easily afford to lose a few as suicide bombers.

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