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Blame Your Crooked Teeth on Early Farmers

27th November 2011

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When humans turned from hunting and gathering to farming some 10,000 years ago, they set our species on the road to civilization. Agricultural surpluses led to division of labor, the rise of cities, and technological innovation. But civilization has had both its blessings and its curses. One downside of farming, a new study demonstrates, was a shortening of the human jaw that has left precious little room for our teeth and sends many of us to an orthodontist’s chair.

One Response to “Blame Your Crooked Teeth on Early Farmers”

  1. Dennis Nagle Says:

    UH-oh…you’ve opened a can of worms for sure. Evolution doesn’t work for humans, don’t you know?
    God must have created us with shortened jaws.
    It’s a pity he forgot to reduce the number of teeth at the same time, but hey! He’s a busy guy; he can’t be expected to remember everything. Or, wait…