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Rare Video of Egyptian Tank “Mowing Down” Christian Civilians

29th October 2011

Read it. And watch the video, I dare you.

Watch this one-minute video and see a tank literally run over a handful of Christians for protesting the constant destruction of their churches in Egypt, at the recent Maspero Massacre. These tanks were made possible by U.S. military aid, supposedly for the protection of Egyptian “citizens.” But apparently the military — hailed by the Western media as the “savior” of Egypt for ousting Mubarak — does not see the nation’s Christian minorities as “citizens,” but dhimmis who have no right to protest — unsurprisingly so, considering the military, even in Egypt’s early black-and-white movies, was known as al-Jihadiyya — “the wagerer of jihad.”

Another timely reminder that freedom of religion is not a Muslim value.

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