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The Irish Mohammedan Army

29th October 2011

Mark Steyn points out that the Gang Who Can’t Shoot Straight only has to get lucky once.

I was at a Danish Free Press Society conference with Lars Vilks in Copenhagen last year. He’s an old secular Euroleftie who thinks he should be able to do the same jokes about Islam as he does about everything else. He came home one evening to find the jihad boys had firebombed his kitchen. As they escaped across the snowy field heady with the thrill of their glorious victory, they noticed that they’d accidentally set their clothes on fire, and, after some effort to extinguish them, were forced to discard their smoking trousers. Unfortunately, in abandoning their pants and scampering off hrough the icy night in their jihadist BVDs, they neglected to remove the charred driver’s licenses and other identifying documentation, from which police were able easily to track them down. Muslim terrorists are all Yosemite Ahmeds – until one of them succeeds.

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