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Bloomberg: Perry’s right on immigration

30th September 2011

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New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said he agrees with Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s recent statements on immigration and he believes former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s views on the same points are “wrong.”

Since Bloomberg is a Democrat who switched to being a RINO merely to make it easier to be elected mayor, this suggests to me that Perry is wrong — and Romney right — on those two issues. In any event, if I were Perry, the fact that Bloomberg likes my position on something is certainly a red flag that my position is probably wrong.

One Response to “Bloomberg: Perry’s right on immigration”

  1. Cathy Sims Says:

    Bloomberg will say whatever he thinks will get him the most points with the audience in front of him. The only real conviction he has is that he is the best/brightest/most qualified person in any group he happens to inhabit and that he, therefore, should be given all power to decide and arrange the lives of everyone else.