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Obama Administration: Lost in Space

31st August 2011

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With President Obama allowing the Space Shuttle program to die and laying off thousands who worked lifetimes solidifying its success, we had to turn to our old rivals – the Russians. This week, the Russians launched a Soyuz rocket filled with supplies bound for the space station. The rocket exploded scattering smoldering debris for miles. The Soyuz is the world’s last chance to travel into space. Yes, a rocket designed in 1966 is our last modern operating manned space vehicle. Pathetic.

2 Responses to “Obama Administration: Lost in Space”

  1. Dennis Nagle Says:

    Manned space flight is a waste of time and money. We will never colonize space; the environment is too hostile, and there’s no commercial value to be exploited.

  2. RealRick Says:

    90% of federal programs are a waste of time and money. NASA has extensive benefits to civilian (weather satellites), science (Hubble telescope), and military (shhhh! secret stuff) applications. It’s budget could be seriously reduced if it’s bureaucracy was reduced and the work left to scientists and engineers. There are many, many better places to cut.