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NYC plans “interventions” with diabetics

30th August 2011

Read it.

Nanny Bloomberg strikes again.

More scary paternalism in the name of public health from the Bloomberg crew: the New York City government has begun “legally requiring laboratories that do medical testing to report to the Health Department the results of blood-sugar tests for city residents with diabetes — along with the names, ages, and contact information on those patients. City officials are not only analyzing these data to assess patterns and changes in diabetes prevalence in the city, but are planning ‘interventions.’ … If you wish to keep your medical data confidential, you cannot.” Coercive public-health techniques originally seen as needed to combat communicable and infectious disease will now be deployed in hopes of correcting less-than-healthy individual behavior.

One Response to “NYC plans “interventions” with diabetics”

  1. RealRick Says:

    Diabetes is specifically addressed in ADA. I see some legal fireworks arising from this idiocy.