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Ten Job-Destroying Regulations

30th August 2011

Andrew Stiles is on the case.

When Congress returns from recess next week, the political conversation is going to be all about jobs. As President Obama prepares to outline his “very specific” jobs proposal in a speech, House Republicans are readying a plan of their own. A key element to the GOP jobs agenda will be identifying and eliminating federal regulations that are needlessly burdening business owners and in many cases preventing them from hiring new employees. To that end, House committee chairmen have put together a list of “the 10 most harmful job-destroying regulations,” and plan to take action over the coming weeks and months to repeal or forestall these restrictive measures.

4 Responses to “Ten Job-Destroying Regulations”

  1. Dennis Nagle Says:

    While they’re busy trying to gut the EPA and NLRB, they should review the new, tougher immigration rules that are forcing small farmers out of business. There’s a “government imposed burden” that doesn’t get any press in the right-wing news.

  2. Tim of Angle Says:

    Yeah, ‘small farmers’ like ADM and Tyson foods. Let us weep for their not being able to work illegal immigrants like old-time plantation slaves any more. (Funny thing how Democrats are the major force behind modern-day peonage; guess they don’t like non-white people as much as they say they do.)

    While you’re crying over small farmers, look at the inheritance taxes that are making sure there won’t be any more small farmers within a decade or two.

  3. Dennis Nagle Says:

    You don’t give a shit about the Indonesians and Chinese slaving to produce the cheap crap sold by Walmart, but you’re all torn up about the poor Mexicans slaving for Tyson and ADM? Man, at least you could try to be consistent.

    Your point is moot. After the migrant workers leave and the crops fail, the farmer will have to sell his land. There’ll be nothing to inherit.

  4. RealRick Says:

    I’m intimately familiar with most of the regs cited, and I have to say that I wholeheartedly agree with the author. I wish that the general public could really understand how negatively the EPA affects their lives. The perception that they are protecting the environment is a joke. Their inefficiency, incompetence, and incredible mismanagement is bad enough to make the TSA look good.