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It’s Wrong to Steal … Even When the Government Does It

29th August 2011

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As a grumpy libertarian, I routinely get agitated about taxes, spending, and regulation. As far as I’m concerned, much of government is a racket that uses coercion to reward interest groups with unearned wealth.

Preach it, brother.

Asset forfeiture occurs when government seizes property that is associated with a crime. That sounds reasonable – and it is reasonable if someone is convicted of, say, bank robbery and the government confiscates the stolen cash and any loot purchased with that money.

But it is not reasonable (or moral, or just, or appropriate) when government seizes assets without a conviction. And it is downright disgusting when the government steals (and I use that word deliberately) the assets of innocent parties.

‘We’re from the government, and we’re here to help … ourselves.’

One Response to “It’s Wrong to Steal … Even When the Government Does It”

  1. Whitehawk Says:

    Saw a bumper sticker this weekend that said, “Healthcare for Everyone.” Instantly my thought was, “Paid for by who?”

    A dangerous way of thinking, encouraged by the government’s attitude and actions, is alive and well in the mind of a good portion of Americans. The belief that you have a right to have something paid for by someone else is larceny. The government and a good portion of our population have become thieves at heart.

    I think we all know that this is why Europe is in the state it is in now.

    Nothing in life is free nor should it be.