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A Nuclear Reactor in Every Home

31st July 2011

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Sometime between 2020 and 2040, we will invent a practically unlimited energy source that will solve the global energy crisis. This unlimited source of energy will come from thorium. A summary of the benefits, from a recent announcement of the start of construction for a new prototype reactor:

• There is no danger of a melt-down like the Chernobyl reactor.
• It produces minimal radioactive waste.
• It can burn plutonium waste from traditional nuclear reactors.
• It is not suitable for the production of weapon grade materials.
• Global thorium reserves could cover our energy needs for thousands of years.

3 Responses to “A Nuclear Reactor in Every Home”

  1. Dennis Nagle Says:

    Yeah, and we’ll all have flying cars, too.

  2. RealRick Says:

    Now we’ll have a way to charge our electric flying cars!

  3. Dennis Nagle Says:

    Why charge them? Shrink the suckers small enough that we can put them IN our flying cars!
    Yeah, dude, that would be like WAY AWESOME!