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Morrissey compares fast food to Norway massacre

28th July 2011

Read it.

To people who see no real difference between people and animals, this makes perfect sense.

Let’s have him for lunch.

4 Responses to “Morrissey compares fast food to Norway massacre”

  1. RealRick Says:

    Well, at least now we have a photo for the alternate entry for the definition of “tool”.

    Veganism is really a god-less religion. Meat-eaters don’t try to force everybody to eat steak. Meat-eaters don’t care if someone wants to avoid meat. (If for no other reason than it means, “more for me”.) Vegans want everybody else to convert to their way of thinking – or else! They don’t seem to be as violent as the Taliban, but they are certainly less fun.

  2. ErisGuy Says:

    Nothing was ever accomplished by a reasonable man. I side with the Ayers, the Guevaras, the Cleavers, et. al., only hatred and violence create successful political movements. As its violence grew, so did the popularity of socialism, so that now, as socialism stands on the heap of 100 million dead, Newsweek declares, “We are all Socialists now!” (and no wonder, since most of the dead were anti-Socialists) and socialism claims 100% of the minds of academia, intellectuals, politicians, and bureaucrats, the ruling classes who benefit from its rule.

    I don’t understand this “violence discredits your cause” argument. Islam hasn’t been discredited in the eyes of the antiSemitic, antiChristian multiculturalists by its violence; indeed the violence of Islam raises its stature. Environmentalism hasn’t been discredited by the violence of Theodore Kaczynski and James Lee. Civil Rights, Affirmative Action, and Racial Equality haven’t been discredited by the violence of the Black Panthers (or any of the many, many other black racist murders). Socialism hasn’t been discredited by Mao, Castro, Pol Pot, Stalin; indeed its stature is higher than ever (why is mystery to me).

    Who cares what ideas in which Breivik slew his victims? Breivik true inspiration is Charles Manson, who also wanted to start an internecine war (Helter-Skelter). Breivik’s actions have supplied a Reichstag Fire to Islam and the multiculturalists to use to attempt to discredit people who would preserve liberty and the West.

    One must put things in the proper perspective and affirm life. I agree completely with noted moral philosopher, green, and animal rights activist Morrissey: Breivik’s slaughter of socialist and socialists-in-training is no different from the chickens murdered by a fast-food restaurant.

    I supported racial equality until the Black Panthers murdered people; now I’m a racist.
    I supported feminism until Valerie Solanis shot Andy Warhol; now I’m a male chauvinist pig.
    I supported environmentalism until Kaczynski murdered people; now I’m a capitalism polluter.
    I supported Islam until 9/11; now I’m an atheist.
    I supported Zionism until the King David hotel bombing, now I’m…, oh the heck with it. I don’t believe in anything.

    If one is opposed to violence, in the end, one must believe in nothing.

  3. Dennis Nagle Says:

    I guess that leaves me out. I was a pacifist until…wait, let me think…

  4. ErisGuy Says:

    Yeah. I thought about putting in that pacifist one; it’s amusing. News of the Weird once ran “weird” stories of peace demonstrators becoming violent, until the stories were retired because they were too common to be weird.