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If Your Government Check Stops Due to the Debt Limit: Blame Obama

28th July 2011

Read it.

I was shocked (er, sort of) to learn that each month the Treasury Department sends out 80 million checks to various recipients. That’s a little over 25% of the population. I guess it’s no surprise, however, when you consider only half the households in our country pay any income taxes.

Yeah, a real surprise.

Lately, President Obama has been beating the scare drum, suggesting those most vulnerable will not receive their monthly checks unless we increase the debt ceiling.  But there’s a dirty little secret that no one in the mainstream media is willing to tell you: the Government, through Barack Obama, decides who gets paid and who doesn’t. And if you don’t get your check, then it means he decided you were not important. Blame him.

Prediction: If checks stop coming, no one who belongs to an identifiable Democrat constituency (fashionable minority, union member, lobbyist) will come up empty.

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