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Not Quite a Knight

29th January 2008

Read it. A useful reminder that, were it not for his assassination, and the administration of Jimmy Carter, John F. Kennedy might well be known as the worst American President of this century.

I was there. I saw.

If he hadn’t allowed Krischev to roll him in Vienna, there wouldn’t have been a Cuban Missile Crisis for him to handle. A fantastic save after you trip doesn’t make you any less a klutz, it just makes you a very lucky klutz.

He colluded in the murder of President Diem in Vietnam, which war (and country) had been doing very well until then.

He didn’t do shit for civil rights, other than have the FBI wiretap Martin Luther King.

Other than boffing more women-not-his-wife in the White House than Bill Clinton, it’s truly hard to think of one positive accomplishment of the Kennedy administration.


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