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Camp of the Saints: Another Lull?

29th June 2011

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Tonight’s final article once again concerns the issue of responsibility for the would-be immigrants who have perished at sea while attempting to cross the Mediterranean to Europe.

Funny how everybody who lives inside the Ummah appears to want to leave. It rather resembles Communism in that respect.

Now, we all know who will ultimately be held responsible….

…white Europeans (or Americans).

It can’t be the Libyans or the Tunisians, with their corrupt kleptocracies and despotic governments.

It can’t be the people smugglers, who send their clients across the water in leaky and antiquated boats after demanding an extortionate price.

It can’t be the enrichers themselves, who choose to set sail without resources or visas in an attempt to reach the Land of Milk and Welfare Benefits.

No, only white people are considered to have agency, so only white people can be to blame. Everyone else is an innocent dupe, or a pawn, or a prisoner of circumstances beyond his control.

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