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More Left Coast Blues

31st May 2011

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Hayward’s First Axiom of Environmental Energy is that there is no source of energy which environmentalists won’t oppose if it becomes feasible and scalable. Enviro opposition to wind power in Massachusetts is well known, but I’ve seen news accounts of as many as 70 wind-power projects that environmentalists have filed suit to delay or prevent. Now environmentalists are suing to stop a proposed 250 megawatt solar-power project on the Carizzo Plain in California.

That’s because ‘environmentalists’ don’t really want us to have ‘sustainable’ power, they want to cancel the industrial revolution and go back to depending on muscles to get anything done.

One Response to “More Left Coast Blues”

  1. Sappirakko Says:

    >go back to depending on muscles to get anything done.

    As long as it is *someone else’s* muscle that does the work. The rich. The privileged. Whatever. Under no circumstances must we allow something so horrible to happen as to have the “working class” to work.