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Nine Americans Methodically Killed By Afghan Pilot at Kabul Airport

28th April 2011

Read it. And ignore the video.

An Afghan Air Corps pilot, angered by an argument with nine American trainers at Kabul airport, pulled a gun on the Americans, disarmed them and methodically killed them, officials said today.

The shooter then apparently shot and killed himself.

The Afghan military said the gunman was a 20 year veteran of the Afghan Air Corps who had gotten in an argument with the American trainers during a meeting in a conference room at the Afghan Air Force headquarters.

A U.S. official told ABC News they believe the pilot left the meeting after the argument, then returned and forced the Americans to remove their weapons before shooting them with a U.S. provided M9 semi-automatic weapon.

Must have been that ol’ Islamophobia getting him down.

This is the seventh time this year that coalition soldiers or Afghan security forces have been killed by either members of the Afghan security force or insurgents impersonating them.

Remind me why we’re still in that flea-bitten country. I don’t see a damned thing there worth the loss of a Corporal’s hangnail.

2 Responses to “Nine Americans Methodically Killed By Afghan Pilot at Kabul Airport”

  1. lowly Says:

    This doesn’t make sense. Nine troops disarmed by a punk with a Beretta? Just not gonna happen.

  2. RealRick Says:

    There is a report out that the pilot’s brother claims he had some sort of big financial problems and had recently had so sell his house. It’s entirely possible that this guy had problems that extend well beyond Islam.