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Obese Ohio Man Found Fused to Chair He Sat in for 2 Years

30th March 2011

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The unnamed man lived with two able-bodied roommates — including his girlfriend, who officials said fed him since he never got up — in a home in Bellaire, Ohio.

Man, how do you find a girlfriend like that? All the girlfriends I’ve ever had would have said, ‘Hey, you want food, get your lazy ass up out of that chair.’

UPDATE: Oops, he died.

2 Responses to “Obese Ohio Man Found Fused to Chair He Sat in for 2 Years”

  1. RealRick Says:

    Anybody wanna bet who’s been paying to support this guy?

    Here’s a clue: that area was once loaded with steel mills and foundries. It became a stronghold for unions and every elected official was a Democrat. Today there is no major industry left and “unemployed” is the major career for most of the residents. The Democrats still rule, but they’re having an increasingly hard time finding money to support the welfare rolls.

  2. Tim of Angle Says:

    So that must be the key – get a girlfriend who’s a Democrat.

    Hm. Never had much luck with that….