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Want to lose weight – get a good night’s sleep

29th March 2011

Read it.

Scientists have discovered that you can double your chances of achieving your weight loss goal if you get between six and eight hours sleep a night.

Sounds like a plan.

One Response to “Want to lose weight – get a good night’s sleep”

  1. RealRick Says:

    Well, duh! That’s 8 hours you’re not eating!

    I have a feeling the same thing applies to excercise. Excercise interferes with eating.

    I know of a restaurant that will most certainly cause you to lose weight, but it could interfere with that 8 hours of sleep.

    I overheard a conversation the other day in which someone was more or less bragging about how he was on some sort of special diet (neolithic? Neanderthal? I don’t remember) and how tough it was to stick with it. I’m thinking seriously about opening an e-store to sell frozen mammoth. (Hey, if Taco Bell can call the stuff in their tacos ‘meat’, then I can sell mammoth.)