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UK, Germany fly secret missions into Libya

28th February 2011

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The secret military missions into the turbulent North Africa country signal the readiness of Western nations to disregard Libya’s territorial integrity when it comes to the safety of their citizens.

What ‘territorial integrity’? Libya is falling apart into what it was before the Italians nailed it together back in the ’30s: a bunch of tribal territories with some city-states on the Mediterranean coast sandwiched between French Algeria and British Egype (one of which is Tunisia).

As long as Qaddafi can pay his soldiers, he’ll own Tripolitania, and nobody cares what happens in Cyrenaica or Fezzan except with respect to oil. I don’t know where exactly the Libyan oil fields are located, and don’t care enough to look it up, but I’m sure Qadaffi has some, and would be willing to let go of the rest in exchange for being left alone.

And of course Obama is in full college seminar mode, poking the Europeans and saying ‘Hey, you guys really ought to be doing something about this. I’ve outlined some ideas on this whiteboard; be sure to take good notes, because this will be on the test.’

2 Responses to “UK, Germany fly secret missions into Libya”

  1. tehag Says:

    “territorial integrity?” Are Germany and the UK annexing parts of Libya? I suspect this semi-literate meant “sovereignty.” Perhaps if Kaddhfi sold the country to Egypt….

  2. Tim of Angle Says:

    Assuming that he leaves, of course. So far he seems to be winning, and all of the people beating up on him in the press don’t present him with a lot of motivation to go.