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Survey Reveals Why High School Students Drop Out

27th February 2011

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And nobody catches on to the fact that the problem is the modern batch-processing factory-style school.

Why do students drop out?
* 47 percent of dropouts said classes weren’t interesting.
* 43 percent missed too much school and couldn’t catch up.
* 38 percent said they had too much freedom and not enough rules.
* 35 percent said they quit because they were failing.
* 32 percent said they had to get a job and earn money. 88 percent had passing grades, and 70 percent said they could have graduated if they had tried.
* 69 percent were not motivated to work hard; 66 percent would have worked harder if more had been demanded of them.

All problems that could be fixed with individualized, computer-based, self-paced instruction.

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