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Solo Drivers In Los Angeles Will Soon Be Allowed To Drive In Carpool Lanes For A Fee

25th February 2011

And the frog starts to boil.

Step 1. Come up with some plausible excuse to carve off special lanes for the privileged, even though that increases congestion for everyone else. ‘Oh, we have to have carpool lanes to ecourage people to carpool and so reduce emissions and save the world.’ No mention of the fact that the extra emissions of people crawling along at five or ten miles an hour vastly outpaces any savings from the minuscule number of people who carpool.

Step 2. Don’t mention the fact that Mr Rich Liberal Democrat and his chauffeur can use the carpool lane, as can the sixteen illegal immigrants in a POS van on their way to trim hedges for same, while Joe Sixpack on his way to a construction job site can wave to them while he’s stuck in traffice.

Step 3. Once we’ve got people used to the idea of special privileged lanes, let’s charge people to use them, once again giving the Crust a way to bypass the Great Unwashed while charging people for the use of roads that were built using their tax money.

Sounds like a win-win for the government; the only loser is the ordinary middle-class taxpayer, and who cares about them?

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