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“Nobody Gets Married Any More, Mister”

30th January 2011

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Within my lifetime, single parenthood has been transformed from shame to saintliness. In our society, perversely, we celebrate the unwed mother as a heroic figure, like a fireman or a police officer. During the last presidential election, much was made of Obama’s mother, who was a single parent. Movie stars and pop singers flaunt their daddy-less babies like fishing trophies.

None of this is lost on my students. In today’s urban high school, there is no shame or social ostracism when girls become pregnant. Other girls in school want to pat their stomachs. Their friends throw baby showers at which meager little gifts are given. After delivery, the girls return to school with baby pictures on their cell phones or slipped into their binders, which they eagerly share with me. Often they sit together in my classes, sharing insights into parenting, discussing the taste of Pedialite or the exhaustion that goes with the job. On my way home at night, I often see my students in the projects that surround our school, pushing their strollers or hanging out on their stoops instead of doing their homework.

Women don’t need husbands any more; they have the government. Men don’t need wives any more; there are plenty enough slutty women to go around.

Welcome to the future.

One Response to ““Nobody Gets Married Any More, Mister””

  1. RealRick Says:

    At a place I worked, there was a baby shower (which last time I checked wasn’t a ‘company function’) that was held for a lesbian couple that adopted a kid. One of my co-workers – a very religious guy – was asked if he was going to chip in. He said, “No. My religious beliefs don’t agree with that kind of union.” (I was there; that was what he said.) Guess who got a trip to Human Resources? He was lucky and didn’t get punished (other than the hour spent being grilled.)

    This is why we visit DG. The future truly sucks.