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Three giant spaceships to attack Earth in 2012?

29th December 2010

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Perhaps they heard about the Mayan Calendar and decided to loot the rubble.

SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), an independent non-commercial organization, released a sensational statement.

Three giant spaceships are heading towards Earth. The largest one of them is 240 kilometers wide. Two others are smaller. At present, the objects are beyond the orbit of Pluto.

The spaceships were detected by HAARP search system. The system, based in Alaska, was designed to study the phenomenon of northern lights. According to SETI researchers, the objects are nothing but extraterrestrial spaceships. They will be visible in optical telescopes as soon as they reach Mars’s orbit. The US government has been reportedly informed about the event. The ships will reach Earth in December 2012.

2 Responses to “Three giant spaceships to attack Earth in 2012?”

  1. Jay Says:

    The really unbelievable part of this story is that Tim is quoting, and linking, *Pravda* … without noticing it, or at least without pointing it out.

    This is not the world I grew up in.

  2. Tim of Angle Says:

    Or, at least, that’s what they would have you believe. Think about it.