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It’s Time to Profile

30th November 2010

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As horror stories from the TSA become an ever-expanding genre, it is important to remember that the entire roiling controversy over airport security has come about solely because of the government’s refusal to acknowledge the true nature of the threat we’re facing. While it is theoretically possible that a wheelchair-bound, eighty-year-old Baptist grandmother from Des Moines could hijack an airplane and crash it into an American landmark in the service of Allah, the likelihood of her doing so is infinitesimally smaller than the possibility that such a thing might be done by a young Muslim male of Arab or Pakistani origin.

And so the only thing left for the TSA to do, if it is really about protecting Americans and not humiliating us or stripping us of our freedoms as well as our clothes, is profile: to admit that Muslims are much more likely than other groups to be plotting terror attacks, and to screen passengers accordingly.

One Response to “It’s Time to Profile”

  1. RealRick Says:

    A guy I knew in high school is in the upper levels of the TSA. Long before the “Don’t Touch My Junk” fiasco, I had occasion to try to discuss my frustrations with the agency with him. I was surprised at how pissed off he became. It was very clear that the folks who run TSA think they are doing “God’s Work” (or whatever leftist thing replaces God). Any idea – no matter how ridiculous – is considered absolutely necessary. TSA is shocked that people don’t WORSHIP them for ‘protecting’ us. They are way beyond being ‘Good Germans’. Left unchecked, there is no limit to what they might do in the name of Security.