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MSNBC Suspends Keith Olbermann Indefinitely for Contributing to Democratic Campaigns

6th November 2010

Read it.

This is absurd. Considering that he spends his entire professional life as a Voice of the Crust, to penalize him for doing his masters’ bidding is the height of hypocrisy.

Don’t serve the Crust. They’ll turn on you as soon as it’s convenient, and loyalty on your part is no assurance of loyalty on theirs.

UPDATE: Jeff Jarvis says it best:

Everybody who’s shocked — shocked, you say! — that Keith Olbermann contributed to Democratic candidates, please stand up.

I thought so.

The problem with Olbermann’s contributions is not that he made them but that he hid them — it’s the coverup that always gets you in trouble [pace R. Nixon] — and that MSNBC made him hide them. The problem with MSNBC suspending Olbermann is that it heads down transparency road in exactly the wrong direction, toward continued opacity. And the problem with MSNBC’s policy that makes contributing to candidates a suspendable offense is that it prevents journalists from acting as citizens of the communities they are to serve.

One Response to “MSNBC Suspends Keith Olbermann Indefinitely for Contributing to Democratic Campaigns”

  1. RealRick Says:

    Olbermann is a tool.

    I know that doesn’t add much to the discussion, but it feels good to say it.