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‘Let’s Rethink Masculinity’

28th October 2010

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Another in a long line of feminist attempts to feminize men, parallel to the standard strategy of attempting to masculinize women.

A key agenda for modern feminism is to work with men to decrease the penalties encountered by those who flout the expectations that stem from conventional masculinity. When ideal-worker norms police men into breadwinner roles, this hurts not only women. It also hurts many men who cannot live up to the breadwinner ideal. Since most American families cannot live comfortably on one income, many working-class men, as well as many middle-class men, find themselves in the painfully demoralizing position of being unable to “support their families.”

In short, ‘We need more wussy men! Let’s make it happen!’

2 Responses to “‘Let’s Rethink Masculinity’”

  1. Cathy Sims Says:

    Do we get cheese & crackers to go with that whine? Modern feminism needs to put on its big girl panties and deal with reality.

  2. RealRick Says:

    Typical Lib-think: if something is bad, then more of us need to suffer (except the Crust, of course).

    The feminazis lost any cred when they agreed it was OK for Bill Clinton to harass women working for his administration. They’ve had the opportunity to rebuild it by standing up to the incredibly bad treatment of women by Muslims. By their silence they’ve defined what they really stand for: financing for NOW and punishment of men who didn’t ask them to the prom.

    Cathy’s suggestion would be nicely valid if modern feminism actually existed as anything but a liberal placeholder.