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World’s Most Advanced Machinery Was Reason For Apple’s Liquidmetal Deal, Expert Says

29th August 2010

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Apple recently licensed Liquidmetal Technology’s IP  for use in consumer electronics. Liquidmetal Technologies is one of the leading companies trying to commercialize space-age metal alloys that are extremely hard and lightweight but can be processed as easily as plastics. NASA has said Liquidmetal is “poised to redefine materials science as we know it in the 21st century.”

In addition, there are the capabilities of Liquidmetal itself. The alloys, also known as  bulk metallic glasses, are as strong as titanium but use only one-third of the material. It can be mixed with very small amounts of precious metals to make jewelry-like finishes, or optimized for functions such as an antenna. And while titanium scratches and magnesium corrodes, Liquidmetal is scratch and corrosion proof, and resistant to greasy marks.

“You get fingerprints all over them and they just disappear,” Merkel says. “You could add gold or silver to get a beautiful look you’ve never seen before.”

Hmmm … say, the components of a handgun?

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