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Libertarian RPG?

29th August 2010

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A transhuman science fiction game set aboard a space settlement in the Saturnian system. Several generations live on FreeMarket Station: the sons, daughters and grandchildren of the Originals; immigrant travelers from elsewhere in our solar system; and designed-to-order humans fabricated in 3d matter printers. It’s a world without death, without poverty, without sickness and without any need for laws. What will you do with forever?

3 Responses to “Libertarian RPG?”

  1. Jared A. Sorensen Says:

    Players have called FreeMarket Station, “NYC’s Jackson Heights on steroids,” “a permanent Black Rock City,” “a Randian, fascist dystopia,” “an anarcho-syndicalist pirate utopia” and “a hippie commune” — who’s to say who’s right?

  2. Carter Says:

    “What will you do with forever”

    A lot of people in such a scenario would while away their time playing virtual reality games set in worlds with death, poverty, sickness, and laws.

  3. Jared A. Sorensen Says:

    Indeed. And they can! There’s a weird holiday on the Donut called Earth Day where the Earth Day MRCZ prints up paper money and coins and people go around pretending to buy and sell things. It’s quaint!