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Is Bloomberg Supporting Ground Zero Mosque for Business Reasons?

29th August 2010

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Isn’t it fascinating how in this environment where rich people are being demonized at every turn all you need to do is a support a popular liberal cause and your financial sins are instantly forgiven?

With this in mind, the good folks at Big Journalism have uncovered some rather startling financial connections between this media mogul and the Arab world that haven’t raised any eyebrows from journalists that love to follow the money when there’s a conservative at the other end of the smoking wallet.

One Response to “Is Bloomberg Supporting Ground Zero Mosque for Business Reasons?”

  1. Rick Says:

    Corruption in NYC?! Regarding a big construction project during an economic disaster?!

    I’ve said it before: They’ll wind up building the damned thing and THEN reporters will start digging out the payoffs that have been going on. The only official NOT backing the mosque and trying to fix the issue by moving the location is the governor of NY. He’s so despised that no one bothered to bribe him.