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The end of the mouse…and keyboard

30th July 2010

Read it.

The laptop signaled the end of the mouse. The iPhone and Android signal the end of the desktop. Swype signals the end of the keyboard. Just to prove the point, I wrote this post on my Android phone using Swype. No mouse or keyboard. The future is here.

We have the technology.

4 Responses to “The end of the mouse…and keyboard”

  1. Steve In Tulsa Says:

    Laoptops will never have first class graphics or processors. The good graphics and processors need better cooling.

  2. Tim of Angle Says:

    True enough, but most people don’t need first class graphics or processors. For a lot of people, something like an iPad is about all they’ll ever need.

  3. wheels Says:

    I’ve got Swype on my Droid, and it’s very useful. Lots faster than the standard input method, even when I’ve got to go back and edit. I could go back to the standard input, but I wouldn’t want to.

    Eric Raymond has referred to the smartphone as the “Eater-of-Gadgets,” which is a position I agree with. I think what we’ll start to see at some point is a set of glasses that gives you a high-resolution virtual display and stereo sound, which will connect via Bluetooth or other method with a keypad module.

  4. Tim of Angle Says:

    Speed the day.

    I was thinking of getting an iPad, but I’m holding off — my wife and I plan to get new Droid Xs on August 1st, and I want to see how much of what I need to do that phone can accomplish before I splurge for the more expensive toy.