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Fox News, Glenn Beck and the Sherrod Fiasco

23rd July 2010

Ron Radosh pulls back the curtain.

Also standing out on Fox News is their in-house liberal and former civil rights activist, Juan Williams. Writing  on the Fox website today, Williams  asked the essential question: “How is it possible that the first black president of the United States, under pressure for alleged reverse discrimination against whites at the Justice Department, fires a black Agriculture Department official for telling a story of racial redemption?”

Williams goes on to ask how the President could act so quickly without pausing to ascertain the facts, and how it was possible that the once great NAACP was pushing him to fire Sherrod “on a charge of racism without checking to be sure she was a hateful racist? And the NAACP had the full tape, the full facts before they went after her.”

He’s a fargin’ amateur who doesn’t belong in the Presidency, that’s how. By this time, it ought to be obvious to the most casual observer.

It should come as no surprise that the Left is trying to hold their favorite bogyman Fox News responsible for the mess.  Despite numerous requests, Sherrod has refused to go on Fox News, singling it out as if the network alone had acted badly. In fact, if you look at the timeline, the network only reported on the incident after the NAACP condemned her and the Administration asked for her resignation. And yet, the Left, led by Media Matters.com, is trying to use the incident to attack  Fox News. Shirley Sherrod was a victim, made out to be a black racist, an unjust and harmful slander against her. But that does not make her a saint or a prophet, whose advice on politics has to be taken as gospel by any of us. That she is willing to use her current fame to try and join the campaign to isolate and demean Fox News is itself both wrong and shameful.

As Andy McCarthy pointed out, Sherrod is no paragon of virtue. The fact that she’s come a long way from her original knee-jerk racism doesn’t mean she doesn’t still have miles to go before she sleeps.

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