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Parents sue GTHL after sons cut by team

30th June 2010

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Two sets of parents are suing the Greater Toronto Hockey League, one of its clubs and four coaches for $25,000 each because their sons were cut by the Avalanche Minor Sports Club midget junior A team during tryouts in April.

“Their direct actions have caused irreparable psychological damage to Daniel Longo’s self esteem as an impressionable teenager and demoralized Daniel as an athlete and team hockey player with his peers,” the Longo statement of claim reads. “The conduct by all defendants destroyed the dignity of my son, whom in good conscience gave his team nothing but his best efforts.”

Valela’s statement of claim states: “When Christopher was advised of his termination by my wife and I, he vowed never to play the game he loved since childhood. And, morevoer, his misguided group of defendants demoralized my wife and I, whom had gone well beyond the call of duty as parents in support of the Toronto Avalanche hockey team for two seasons.”

Canada leads the way into the abyss.

  1. Thank God you don’t live in Canada.
  2. Without eternal vigilance, it could happen here. Probably in California.

One Response to “Parents sue GTHL after sons cut by team”

  1. Rick Says:

    I blame this on Mr. Rogers. He spent years telling kid that they were all “special”. It’s a terrible shock to them to find out that they’re not necessarily special.

    They could sue Fred, but he’s dead and the case would probably proceed very, very slowly.