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8 Militants Killed in Gunbattle at Afghan Airport

30th June 2010

Read it.

Militants set off a car bomb and stormed the entrance to an airport in eastern Afghanistan on Wednesday in a failed attempt to enter the air field used by Afghan and international forces, authorities said. Eight insurgents died in the ensuing gun battle.

I love those trendy terms, ‘militants’ and ‘insurgents’. How about ‘bandits’? Or, better yet, how about ‘terrorists’?

One Response to “8 Militants Killed in Gunbattle at Afghan Airport”

  1. Rick Says:

    It would appear that the correct term would be, “dead”.

    Here’s a thought: Perhaps the U.S. Military could get to count these sorts of engagements as “carbon sequestering”. After all, they have removed several significant sources of CO2 (and probably methane, though maybe we shouldn’t explain that) from the planet. Not to mention getting another one of those deadly cars off the road.

    Anyway you look at this one, it’s all good.